Getting Along and Getting Things Done

RelationshipSkills for the Workplace  is a relationship-building skills program for the workplace. Developed by PREP, Inc., who also created the successful Within My Reach and Within Our Reach relationship workshops, this program reminds participants that having successful, safe and productive professional relationships requires intentional effort.

We know that our relationships aren’t neutral. What happens at home rarely stays at home, and what happens at work can destroy an evening with your family. The skills and knowledge in this program can help you reduce workplace conflict, improve your communication style, and impress those who really matter.

Topics in this workshop include:

  • Replacing negative communication patterns with proactive strategies for respectful listening and talking
  • Understanding your personality and how it impacts your relationships and communication style
  • Understanding and exploring your own hidden issues, so that you can manage emotional responses more effectively.
  • Making important decisions about how you can improve your professional relationships
  • Learning an effect method for communication – “The Speaker Listener Technique.”

RelationshipSkills for the Workplace is an engaging, educational, and practical program for improving your relationship skills, or those of your employees. CHR offers this program through our community workshops, but also can make arrangements to deliver the program on-site.

If you’re interested in making this program available to your staff and employees, please Contact Us.

To sign up for a RelationshipSkills for the Workplace workshop, please visit our Event Registration page.