Program Details

Successful completion of the program consists of participation in these two essential parts:

Part 1: A 2-day enrichment retreat consisting of 4 sessions that cover key healthy relationship topics like what is true love, effective communication, becoming a great listener, the power of prayer, healthy conflict management, personal responsibility, becoming a team, and building a Christ-centered relationship. A typical schedule is Friday Night (7pm – 9pm) and Saturday (7pm – 1pm). The retreat is designed as a 2-year theme cycle:

Year 1 Communication-The Key to Your Relationship

Year 2 Conflict Management-The Power of Healthy Conflict

The retreat is facilitated by CRE trained speaker(s). Among various other strengths, there are three key characteristics that establish the qualifications and expertise of the facilitators: (1) each has a healthy marriage; (2) each possesses extensive experience in working with college students; and (3) each has been trained by Dr. Gary J. Oliver and Dr. Greg Smalley.

Part 2: The second part of the program is the small group follow-up sessions to be held one month after the weekend retreat. The focus of the small group sessions will be on discussing questions to help the couples personally apply the information after the retreat is over and completing a brief post-retreat assessment. Although we require at least one (1) follow-up session, we strongly encourage you to provide several opportunities for couples to get together and discuss how to apply the information in their relationship.