Graduate Fellowships

CHR will hire one Graduate Fellow
for the 2021-22 academic year
Applications are due March 15, 2021.

Application documents available at the bottom of this page

As part of our involvement on the JBU campus, The Center for Healthy Relationships employs two graduate fellows who work in our offices in various capacities. They are an active part of our staff, and contribute to ongoing program development and research. These positions are intended not only to provide financial benefit through tuition and stipends, but also to provide educational and professional opportunities that spark growth in the lives of the fellows. CHR also collaborates and greatly benefits from the unique backgrounds and diversity that each fellow brings with them.

A graduate fellow has the opportunity to participate in a variety of CHR projects and activities such as research, teaching, workshops and curriculum development, as well as routine office tasks.  Fellows also have the opportunity to develop and challenge themselves to grow as a person of character and a future therapist.

Fellowship vacancies occur as current fellows complete their studies and move on to the next stage of their professional lives. When opportunities for application are available, application information will be posted here.

Who Can Apply and What are the Qualifications?

      • Any student who has been accepted to a the MS in Counseling program and is pursuing the Marriage and Family Emphasis.
      • A Grad Fellow (GF) must be willing to commit to a 2-year period of service to CHR, although the award for Year 2 is contingent on GPA and work performance in Year 1.
      • A GF must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester during the academic year.
      • A GF must have strong computer and people skills.
      • A GF must be available to work at CHR for 15-20 hours per week for 40 weeks (August – May/June).

What Are the Benefits of a CHR Fellowship?

    • SCHOLARSHIP:  Grad Fellows  receive an award of up to 18 credit hours’ scholarship per academic year. The value of this scholarship is based on the current tuition and your class load.
    • SALARY:  Current salary for our GF positions is $12.00 per hour.
      • Grad Fellow I (1st year position) involves 15 hours per week over a 40-week period (600 hours per academic year)
      • Grad Fellow II (typically the 2nd year position) involves 20 hours per week over a 40-week period (800 hours per academic year)
    • DIVERSE PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE:  In addition to sharpening your computer and other office skills you already possess, you may have opportunities in the following areas:
      • Helping prepare and teach in community seminars and workshops
      • Occasionally assisting professors in an undergraduate course
      • Creatively brainstorming and implementing ways to reach the JBU student community
      • Learning the aspects of planning and facilitating small and large (over 600 couples) events, seminars and workshops
      • Assisting with the preliminary administration tasks of CHR’s nation-wide university married student retreat program.
    • RESOURCES:  Although the position is not “on-the-job” training in counseling, as a GF you will be consistently exposed to many books, journals, articles and other resources that will serve to enhance your future counseling practice. In addition, you will have occasional opportunities to interact with a broad range of academic, church, parachurch, and professional leaders from local, regional and national organizations, including nationally-known leaders in the Christian counseling community.
      • Be a part of team with a local, regional, and global impact.
      • Learn how to design, publicize, and promote events and curriculum.
      • Learn how to better understand and work with a variety of pastors and churches.
      • Learn how to present relational content in a corporate setting.
      • Learn how to utilize emotional, relational and spiritual assessments to identify strengths, growth areas as well as assess outcome in a variety of training activities.
      • Learn how to teach and train others in emotional and relational intelligence (ERI)
      • Gain tools and resources to deepen your personal and professional “tool-box” that you will be using for the rest of your life.

Application Materials:

To apply for a GF position, you will need to submit the following by the application deadline.

  1. Graduate Fellow Application Form (PDF)
  2. Your resumé (A brief resumé of office, teaching, research experience and skills.)
  3. A brief statement of your Christian testimony and current walk with the Lord
  4. A statement explaining your interest in the graduate fellowship, how it contributes to your long-term goals, and possible ways your existing skills (including software expertise) might complement the work of CHR.
  5. OPTIONAL: You may also submit samples of your previous writing or work, but this is not required.

Attach your documents to a single email and send them to
The subject line should read “GF Application Materials.”



Additionally, you will need three recommendations to be considered for the position. One of the recommendation forms needs to be completed by your pastor or other applicable church leader. This form is online at You can email the link to the people you select.


Remember – Applications for the 2021-2022 academic year are due by March 15, 2021.

Applications are reviewed as they arrive, and candidate interviews scheduled soon after.