Opposing Interests

I'm newly married and have a lot of interests that don’t include my husband, but I always have to negotiate to get to do them. I know marriage means sacrifice—but sacrificing everything?

Overwhelmed Parenting

Paralyzed with Fear


For many years now my wife and I have disagreed about how to discipline our children. I think she’s too easy and she thinks I’m too hard. She says she’s being loving and I say that I’m just speaking the truth. I think she’s too nice and she thinks I’m not being very kind. Any suggestions?

Parenting and Yelling

I grew up in a home where my mother yelled and screamed about everything. I swore I'd never do that to my kids, but sometimes in the chaos of life with a 7-year-old son (who’s recently picked up a sarcastic streak) and a 5-year-old daughter (who likes to play loudly), I just lose it. This is not who I want to be. Any ideas for getting it under control?

Parenting Children to be Christian Adults

We’ve read research and seen real-life examples with some of our friends regarding the high number of kids raised in a Christian home who leave their faith after high school. How serious is this? Should we be concerned? What can parents do?

Parenting in an Unequally Yoked Marriage

I am a Christian but my husband is not. How can I raise my son to be a godly young man and not become a contentious, nagging wife?

Parenting in the Technology Age

Our 16-year-old son has been spending an increasing number of hours a day on the computer. He plays for extending periods of time, spends less time with friends and gets upset when we limit him. Should we be concerned and what can we do?

Parenting Spouse

She talks to me in the same tone and voice she talks to our son. Plus, whenever he’s around—which is constantly—she insists I call her “Mommy,” while she calls me “Daddy.” It’s creeping me out. How do I make her stop?

Parenting Teenagers

We have two wonderful teenagers but at times they really frustrate me. I just don’t understand their world. My wife tells me I’m a great dad, but sometimes my buttons get pushed and I move into my critical lecture mode, and that never helps. Any suggestions?

Parenting Teens & the Privacy Issue

We have an adolescent son and daughter, and at times it seems like we can’t ask them even a simple question without them protesting that “You don’t trust me.” How can we communicate trust and respect for their privacy while still being loving and responsible parents?

Parenting through Change and Loss

We have a son and daughter, ages 10 and 7, and over the past two years we’ve experienced some significant changes and losses including moving to a different state, the death of a beloved family pet and my wife’s diagnosis of fibromyalgia—a lot of changes in a short time. How can we help our kids deal with these changes and losses in healthy ways?

Parenting through Failure

My 7-year-old daughter is a perfectionist. She can't seem to have fun because she gets frustrated when things aren't like she wants them to be. For example, she wanted to build a fort in our back yard, but because she couldn't find trees spaced out perfectly together in our yard, she just gave up and didn't pursue it. I fear that if we can't help her with this now, it will just become worse when she's an adult. Any ideas?

Parenting through Grandparent Conflict

We have two boys and two girls, and both sets of grandparents enjoy going overboard in their gift-giving. It’s almost like they’re in competition with each other as to who can spend the most. It’s not good for our kids as it creates unhealthy expectations and competition. They don’t see it as being a problem. Any suggestions?

Parenting Young Adults

Physical Abuse

My husband has been hitting me since we got married, but lately it’s gotten worse. I’m afraid of what the church will think if I leave him because he’s very well respected in our church and our town. I don’t know what to do…please help.

Poor Attitude

Poor Health

My husband was told recently he may have MS. The symptoms have really taken a toll on him... Lately, it seems as if all we do is argue. I love him and hate what's happening to him. How can I help?

Power Struggles

My wife and I are constantly getting in power struggles. How can we get beyond this?

Praying as a Family

We gather for a “family prayer time” every week but sometimes it seems like something we “do” rather than something that is having a meaningful impact. Do you have any suggestions for making prayer a more integral part of our family life?

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