Military Spouse

My soldier husband has been stationed in Iraq for two years, and he’s set to come home soon. While I'm excited to see him, I’ve gotten used to handling decisions and our house on my own—like when I was single. What can I do to make the readjustment easier?

Modeling Empathy For Your Children

We have two wonderful teenagers but at times are concerned with the lack of compassion and empathy they have for some of their friends or those less fortunate. Are there some things we can do to help them become more empathetic?

Modeling Your Faith For Your Teens

My wife and I are alarmed by the reports we’ve heard of the number of teenagers raised in the church but who abandon their faith after high school. Should we be concerned and what can we do as parents to make sure this doesn’t happen to our children?

Moody Child

I've been going through a rough patch with my 10-year-old son. I love him, but to tell you the truth, sometimes I just don't like him. And I definitely don't understand him. I'm generally even-tempered and happy, but he has bouts of moodiness that make no sense to me. When I ask him what's going on, he just clams up. What can I do to get inside his head?

Moody Son

Mothering Boys

I grew up with two sisters, and I have two daughters and a son. I know a lot about raising daughters but not about raising a boy. What does every boy need from a mom? What are some specific ways that I can best meet the unique needs of my son?

Moving with Children

We just moved to a new town. My daughter will be in 6th grade; my son will be in 9th grade. How can I help them adjust?

My 5 Year-old Kissed a Student at School: Should I be Worried?

Our kindergarten son recently got in trouble at school for kissing a girl. Should we be worried?

Negative Attitudes

Negative Lens

It’s like all I notice are the things that he does that frustrate, disappoint, or hurt me. How can I change this?

New Baby

We just had a baby. Now my husband says that I'm not interested in him anymore and that I love our child more than I love him. I'm just overwhelmed and frazzled. How do I make him understand?

Newborn Troubles

I know that the Bible says divorce is wrong, but what about a separation to get your spouse's attention? Ever since our daughter was born four years ago, my husband has left all child care responsibilities (feeding, bathing, dressing, taking to sitter, etc.) and housework to me.

Newborns and Intimacy

How can couples achieve intimacy with a newborn in the house? How can we keep the spark going?

Non-believer Spouse

My husband and I weren’t Christians when we married. But I'm a Christian now, and he isn’t. He doesn’t like that I believe in God. I’d love for my husband to accept Jesus. What should I do?

Not Feeling Love

I do not feel “in love” with my mate, what should I do?

Not in Love

I’m married to the most loving, giving, and understanding man I’ve ever met. I love him dearly; however, I'm not in love with him. I don’t want to destroy my family, but I long for the desires described in Song of Songs.

Obese Spouse

Intercourse had always been very painful for me because I was diagnosed with endometriosis, and I thought his being heavy made it worse. Well, fifteen years later he is at least 100 pounds overweight. Now sex is painful for a whole different reason— I’m getting crushed!

Old Friends

Before we were married, my wife had a lot of guy friends. Now that we’re married, she wants to keep her friends and sees no problem going out for lunch with them or meeting them for coffee to “catch up.” Is it okay to have close friends of the opposite sex when you’re married?

Opening Hearts

My mate’s heart is closed towards me, what can I do to open it?

Opinionated Grandparents

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