Fostering an Attitude of Gratitude

Our son is a good young man but, like many of his friends, he tends to take his blessings and the kindness of others for granted and he rarely expresses appreciation.  How can we help him learn the value of being grateful and expressing thanks?

Frequent Moves

We’ve moved 16 times during our 18 years of marriage. He says each move is to find a job with more opportunity. I can’t get attached to any place, I’m depressed, and I feel as if I can no longer function. What should I do?

Gaming Husband

My husband has a group of six or seven friends who get together three times a week to play football video games. Although I love him, his video-playing makes me not want to be affectionate—or even nice!—to him. Please help!

Grandparents and Rules

My kids (ages 5 and 7) love their grandparents, and my husband and I want to help foster that relationship. The problem is my parents won't help enforce our rules. How can we address this with my parents?

Grandparents are Divorcing!

My parents just let us know that, after 36 years of marriage, they are getting a divorce. What is the best way to tell our kids about this? Should we tell them or should they tell them?

Growth in Anger

I’ve gone to seminars, listened to tapes and read books on how to be an effective parent. Most of the time I do a great job. But when I lose it and start dumping on the kids, I feel like all of the good I’ve accomplished has been undone. It’s so discouraging.

Healthy Anger

We have two young boys who are 19 months apart and they both struggle with anger. We’re doing a better job at managing our anger but, need some help in teaching our boys how to deal with their anger. Any suggestions?

Healthy Criticism

I often overhear my two daughters criticizing other people. I think they're picking it up from other kids at school, but I want them to see the positive instead of the negative in other people. Any suggestions?

Healthy Spouse

My husband has had bad experiences with physicians and had cancer in the past. And now he won’t go in for check-ups. I'm afraid for his health. I’ve voiced my concern, but he isn’t doing anything about it! What can I do?

Helping Children Deal with Loss

In the last six months we’ve had loss of a grandmother, an uncle and a close family friend. These have impacted our entire family, and especially our three young children. Any suggestions as to how we can help our kids deal with these losses?

Helping Children who Struggle with Sharing

We have four children and our third child who is 11, refuses to share. We know this can be a developmental stage some kids go through but she never grew out of it. How can we help her learn the value of generosity and the importance of sharing?

Helping Your Shy Child

Our 13-year-old son has been shy all of his life but as he gets older it seems to get worse. He seems unsure of himself, has a hard time making new friends and avoids new situations. How can we help him?

Household Chores

I wish my husband would realize there's more to cleaning than just picking up things. I feel bad complaining, and he gets mad easily when I try to communicate with him. What can I do?

How Does an Extrovert, Parent an Introverted Child?

How does an extrovert parent an introverted child?

How To Approach Teens About Drugs

Over the past several months we’ve noticed some behavior and personality changes in our 15-year-old son and are concerned that he may be using drugs.  How can we know if there’s a problem?  Should we say something to him?

How To Forgive Hurt

Our teenage son was rejected by several of his friends and his hurt has turned into a bitterness and hatred that concerns us. We’ve encouraged him to forgive them and move on but he says he can’t. How can we help him?

How to Guide Children through Anger

Sometimes my 9-year-old daughter will shout “I Hate You!” to one of her siblings, her friends or even to one of us. How can we help her learn not to do this?

How to Parent After a Crisis

We live in a part of New Jersey that was hit by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.  Our kids have seen friends and family lose their homes, live in temporary shelters and are now just starting to get their lives together.  How do we help them deal with the fears and worries they’ve expressed as they see some family and friends struggling to survive?

How to Parent When Angry

As my kids have become teenagers our whole family has noticed that when one of the kids disobeys or mouths off I increasingly “lose it” and react with anger and sarcasm. I’m not proud of that and need to make some changes. Any suggestions?

How to Prepare Children for Moving

We’re preparing for a major move from the only home our three kids have known. At 6, 8 and 11 they’re already experiencing a range of painful emotions. We’ve heard some horror stories from parents who got moving wrong. How can we get it right?

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