Shoving Spouse

My husband and I argue frequently. But lately, he's begun to shove me. I'm having trouble drawing a line between what's acceptable and what isn't. Am I overreacting?

Shutting Down

. I knew we would have disagreements, but when we fight I shut down and don't respond. I think this is because my family never talked things out. My husband's family was totally the opposite. How can I learn to communicate what I'm feeling and thinking to my husband?

Shy Child

Our 10-year-old daughter is painfully shy around others. She’s quiet but still a lot of fun at home with us and her two younger brothers, but at church she’s very shy and has a hard time making new friends, and her teachers tell me she’s the same at school. How can we help her open up and make friends?

Shy Child

Sibling Discord

We have a 12-year-old daughter who is a good child but who can be very unkind and unloving to her siblings. She doesn’t like it when they are unkind to her and says she’s sorry but there is no change in her behavior. Is there a way we can help her become a doer and not just a hearer?

Sibling Rivalry

Our two children are 19-months apart.  Sometimes they get along great and other times they don’t.  When does sibling rivalry go too far?

Siblings and Anger

Single Mom Guilt

I’m a single mom with two boys, 11 and 9. I’m going to college full-time, working two part-time jobs and feel overwhelmed most of the time. I feel guilty about not being a good-enough mom and being short-tempered, especially with my oldest son who struggles with ADHD. Any suggestions for dealing with my own anger and in dealing with his ADHD?

Single Mother

I am a single mother due to a marriage filled with domestic violence. I am raising three children, ages 6, 5, and 3, on my own. I am working two jobs and going to college full-time, also. Sometimes I feel guilty because I am so short tempered with my kids. I am only 26 years old and feel so overwhelmed and inadequate for the situation in which I have been placed. My oldest son has ADHD and I am not sure how to discipline him because nothing seems to work.

Smelly Spouse

My husband has a problem with routinely taking a shower. Sometimes three days will go by before he does! I’ve tried a lot of things to get him to shower at least every other day. He won’t even wash up daily. To me, it’s about plain cleanliness and maturity. He thinks he has to stink in order to shower, but I think you should shower before you stink. Any advice?

Spoiled Children

This is my first marriage but my husband’s second. He feels so guilty about his divorce that he spoils his children—they get whatever they want, whenever they want, with no boundaries. What should I do?

Standards on Viewing T.V., Movies, and Media

Our kids’ friends seem to have seen every PG-13 movie release and every show on prime time television. Our family holds strict standards for what constitutes appropriate viewing for Christian families.  How do we stick to our guns when it seems no one else does?

Staying Connected After Having Children

We were prepared for the birth of our first child but now, a year later, we realize that we weren’t prepared for all of the adjustments we would have to make and how it would negatively impact our marriage.  Is this normal?  What can we do to nurture our son and our marriage?

Staying Connected as a Couple

We have been blessed with a 6-year-old and two preschoolers, but struggle with finding time and creative ways to connect as a couple. Any suggestions?

Step-Family Differences

Step-Parent Troubles

My husband and I divorced four years ago. Now he is remarried, and his new wife allows my 10-year-old daughter to watch movies, wear clothes, etc. that I don't approve of. What is the best way to handle this? I don't want my daughter to feel caught in the middle.

Strong-willed Child

Strong-Willed Daughter

Talking About Sex

As I was dropping off some clean laundry in my son’s room recently, I found a package of condoms on the floor. What’s the best way to address this with him?

Talking Finances with The Kids

Due to a job loss and other factors we’re faced with some significant financial challenges and we’re going to have to make some major changes in our standard of living. How can we talk to our kids about our financial situation?

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