"Single" Spouse

My wife is a flight attendant and is gone a lot from home. The problem is when she is home, she goes into what I call “single mode.” So instead of us dealing with issues together, she makes her own decisions, spends a lot of time by herself, and doesn’t make the adjustment of being “wife.”

"Swimmers" Test Porn

My husband and I are having difficulty getting pregnant. Should my husband think only of me when “giving his sample?” And are those realistic solutions?

5 Ways to Approach Bullying

For several months our 12-year-old daughter has had some behavior changes and last night told us that there are two girls who have been bullying her. We’ve never had to deal with this before. We don’t understand it and need some suggestions for how to help her.

5 Ways to Be an Effective Father

I grew up with a dad that was physically and emotionally absent. We have two young sons and I want to be the kind of father that will help them become Godly men. Do you have any specific suggestions?

7 Ways to Help Children Manage Anger

We’ve tried everything we can think of to help our son with his anger and nothing seems to help. The more we try to help the more he resists and the more frustrated we get. Any suggestions?

Absent Father

When he gets home, he immediately changes clothes and parks himself in front of the TV. I’ve asked him to help, but his response is, “I need to unwind. I worked hard today.” And I didn’t? I’m tired of not having any downtime—and of my husband not helping around the house. How can I get him to start helping out?

Acceptable Pornography?

My husband enjoys looking at pornography. His excuse is that I am the problem. Am I crazy for wanting my husband to look only at me naked?

Adult Children

Nobody warned me how tough it would be to be a parent to young adults. My one concern is with my eldest. Right now he's just working one part-time job, when previously he's had two jobs plus college. It's very hard to see him sitting around all day playing video games when the Lord has gifted him with so many talents. To see him not contributing is SO hard. What can a Mom do?

After Divorce

Allowance and Chores

My wife and I have been having a disagreement about how deal with allowances and chores. She believes that allowances should not be tied to chores and I think that they should. What do you think?

Anger and Parenting

One year ago, I was divorced, and while it affected all three of the kids, my 12-year-old daughter has been on an emotional roller coaster. She is a wonderful student, gets great grades, her teachers love her and she has several friends that call her frequently. It is only at home that she is defiant, argumentative, and rebellious. She is angry most of the time. I love her and want to help her, but I find myself getting angry in response to her anger and think that I may be doing more harm than good. Please help me!

Anger toward Spouse

My wife’s addiction to clutter is cheating us out of deeper intimacy in our relationship because I'm always angry and as a result detached. I'm overwhelmed by the mess! What can I do?

Annoying Spouse

My husband has extremely annoying social behavior that tends to turn people off. I have tried to start friendships with other couples that seem promising until they meet my husband, then the friendship fizzes. What can I do to help?


My husband and I have been married for six years. While I really love him and am still attracted to him, I'm also attracted to another man.

Bad Music

Balancing Adolescent Freedom and Parent Involvement

My wife and I are increasingly concerned with the dangers facing our kids.  How can we balance giving our kids freedom and knowing enough about what they are doing to protect them yet without spying on them and becoming overbearing parents?

Being Open About Bullying

We have two children in middle-school and both have talked with us about their discomfort at the bulling they see almost every day. We don’t think they are being bullied but we want to create a home where they would feel free to talk with us if it ever happened. Any suggestions?

Blaming Others

Bonding with Step-Children

I'm a step-father to three kids. I love my wife and I love these kids, but I'm about to burn out. What am I doing wrong?

Building Trust

I recently married a widow who has 8 and 10-year-old daughters. My wife has acknowledged that because of their fathers’ death and her need to work two jobs, many of their well-meaning relatives have spoiled them. How can I most effectively build trust as we seek to establish this “new” family together?

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