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The Difference with Kids

After many years of working with families, I discovered that while few parents will dare to fight the law of gravity, many attempt to fight the law of differences. Even when the differences are recognized, they are rarely appreciated or understood.

The Fear Dance

We all have conflict. What we do not see so clearly is that at the core of our conflicts is FEAR. We’re not talking about fear in the sense of being afraid for your safety. We’re talking about emotional fear. These emotional fears become our “buttons.”.

The Foundation of all Great Parenting

Honor does not involve the belief that your opinions, concerns and desires are somehow superior to your child’s. Honor is a "lifting up," a holding up of your children with reverence. Honor is permanent, unmovable and forever.

The Greatest American Hero

Heroes come in many different shapes and sizes. A hero is a person of great courage and dignity, who is admired for his daring and risky achievements. Most importantly, a hero is someone we respect and, perhaps, try to emulate.

The Greatest Among You!

If your desire is to have a significant impact upon your marital relationship, I encourage you to make service a daily occurrence. As this happens, you can become the type of person Christ spoke so highly of, "But greatest among you shall be your servant!"

The Harmful Effect of Using Sensitive Information as Ammunition During Conflicts

When couples talk as friends, a lot can be learned about each other. If you felt safe, you might have talked about your insecurities or fears, which leads to deeper intimacy. However, if this sensitive knowledge is not cared for, something destructive can happen.

The Heart of Marriage

When people say they no longer feel love for their spouse, I assume they have the door to their heart closed for some reason or another to prevent the flow of love. This is the common link in most every intensive couple I see—that individuals have lost “heart.”

The Ice Cream Lady

There are many positive things that can happen when you are enthusiastic about your child’s future dreams. It increases their self-esteem and it typically makes the child feel that who he is and what he wants to do is important.

The Power of a Parent's Message

It's so easy for kids to be effected by even a single word. A simple message we send our children can become their truth. This truth becomes reality, which governs their entire lives, their joy and their success.

The Secret to Protecting Your Marriage from Infidelity

The real tragedy of infidelity is that many marriages end in divorce. In the blink of an eye, the trust and security that was the foundation for a healthy marriage is destroyed. Sadly, it takes years of dedicated work to rebuild lost trust and security ripped away by an affair.

True Friendship

A true friend is someone who helps you reach your highest potential, someone who helps you be the best you can be and in turn you are able to encourage them in their growth and potential.

Using A Family Contract To Foster Responsibility In Your Home

Most teenagers roll their eyes or stomp their feet at the mere mention of the word “contract.” However, the good news is that a family contract is not intended to restrict your teenager--limiting his freedom. Instead, a family contract produces FREEDOM!

Using Christ’s Communication Method to Impact a Marriage

Do you ever find yourself trying to express something important and your mate, friend, or boss didn’t seem to get it? Or, have you ever said something from your soul, only to have it fall on deaf ears? It’s almost like you’re speaking a different language!

What All Children Need From Their Grandparents

For your grandchild, become a person who understands the importance of sharing love with encouragement, affirmation and involvement. What will live on for generations, however, is a simple, but priceless gift--you were important in the life of a child.

What My Children Have Taught Me

I encourage you to watch your children with inquisitive eyes. God will use them to help develop you into your maximum potential for Jesus Christ if you are looking. “Iron sharpens iron, so one man [woman or child] sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17).

Why Teenagers Like to Argue!

It's extremely important to understand your teenager's mental changes, because it can affect the conflict you have with your teen. Developmental changes in teens can be a direct result of constant arguing.

Winning Back Your Husband

You cannot guarantee that taking all the right steps naturally and spiritually will win your husband back. But as you mature in Christ, you will be prepared and equipped to walk through every future circumstance you will face in marriage or outside of marriage.

“I Wasn’t Expecting a Ring Bear!”

The key to resolving this communication problem is to limit the use of vague or ambiguous words that are open to alternative interpretations. For example, instead of saying that your child needs to obey, carefully define the exact behaviors and meaning of the word “obey.”

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