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Loyalty to the Absent

What do you say about others in front of your kids? Is it positive or negative? Is it uplifting or does it leave your children with a bitter taste in their mouth? These were questions someone recently asked me. As I considered them, I became incredibly convicted.

Making Christmas Meaningful

You can choose to make this celebration of Christmas the most meaningful one ever. You can make a choice to not allow the urgent things that characterize the Christmas season to crowd out the important values that signify what Christmas is really all about.

Meaning of Love

Love has so many meanings, yet we often only hear and speak of love within a romantic context. When we limit the giving and receiving of love to romantic relationships, we miss precious opportunities to partake in love throughout the entirety of our lives. We need to redefine our view of love.

Men & Intimacy

Marriage is an opportunity for two people to support, encourage, and sustain each other as long as they both shall live. I want to help you get a grasp on the differences between men and women and the problems with intimacy that arise as a result of those differences.

One Question That Can Change the Relationship with Your Teenager

Adolescence can be a very turbulent time in many families. What once worked for your son or daughter when they were younger, no longer seems to be effective. What can parents do to understand what their teenager needs during this confusing period?

One Question That Can Save Your Marriage

As problems develop in relationships, couples might spend money on counseling, books and videos. These are important tools, yet most men and women don't realize that they have the world's greatest relational instructors living right under their own roofs.

Peek-A-Boo…I See You!

If we are constantly focused on our child’s poor behavior, we will start to view him or her through a negative lens. One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is to methodically notice what they do right on a daily basis.

Please... Don't Call Me The Baby-Sitter!

If your desire is to reverse the baby-sitter trend many fathers have fallen into then we need to get “M.A.D”. Through persistence and faithful prayer, we can reclaim our place as fathers in the lives of our children.

Practical Ways to Make Everyday Discipline Simple

Consistency is essential for teaching children the difference between right and wrong. Children usually learn to distrust inconsistent threats of punishment, causing them to test your discipline at every opportunity.

Preparing Your Children For Marriage

I believe that marriage preparation is something we should be thinking about for our children from the time they are young. After all, a young age is the ideal time to instill healthy habits and core values—especially the ones that will impact a future marriage.

Protecting Fun Activities From Conflict

Research experts Dr. Stanley & Dr. Markman found that the amount of fun couples had together is the strongest factor in understanding overall marital happiness.

Radical Reconciliation

Through trial and error, John Perkins developed a philosophy of ministry to the poor, and in the process of explaining it to supporters and volunteers, he boiled the philosophy down to three “R’s”: Reconciliation, Relocation, Redistribution.

Red Flags

Are you dating or in a serious dating relationship? If so, did you know that when your heart is heavily involved you might miss some red flags regarding your relationship?

Resolving Parent & Adolescent Conflict through Communication

Teenagers and conflicts, most of us see these two terms as almost synonymous. Throughout our experiences with counseling teenagers and their parents, conflict is one of the most troublesome areas parents struggle against.

Sample Covenant and Agenda for Men's Group

We are gathered in the name of Jesus and He is in our midst. Before God and each other we have made a commitment to faithfully gather together with one purpose in mind--to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, deepen our character, strengthen one another’s call and become men of integrity.

Sexuality and Singleness

There is more to sexuality than sexual intercourse. Sexuality - all that it means to be male or female - is built into every aspect of our being. Thus the single person, no less than the married person, is called to embrace and celebrate God's gift of sexuality.

Siblings Without Rivalry

In response to the fighting, many parents react by yelling, making threats or accusations, taking sides, and solving children's problems for them. Unfortunately, these types of reactions only add fuel to the fire. So what can we do as parents to deal with this common problem?

Six Adolescent Needs…Meet Them or Else!

Adolescence! The name alone can send chills up the backs of many parents. Every child is unique and will respond to the teenage years differently. However, what I can guarantee is that things will change. During this period of change, what does your teen need? Plenty...

Teaching Your Child to Avoid Getting Emotionally “Bulldozed” by Others

Helping your child to clearly defineing who they are is essential. It can make or break their love for life and their satisfaction they receive from relationships built on respect and honor. Learning to respect the boundaries can literally change your child’s lives.

The Blessing

We yearn for approval, intimacy, and affection in our relationships. For most people, the quest for approval begins with our parents, and what happens in this relationship can affect how we view ourselves as well as our future relationships.

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