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7 Keys to Building Strong Families: Conclusion

I hope that reading my articles has reminded you that while great marriages and families are possible, they don't just happen. Healthy relationships take time, effort, energy and intentional focus.

7 Keys to Building Strong Families: Introduction

The quality of family life influences every other part of our life. Surveys tell us that the greatest source of happiness in life is the family. The same surveys tell us that the greatest source of frustration and disappointment in people's lives is dealing with family problems.

7 Keys to Building Strong Families: Key #1 The Power of Modeling

Key #1 says that, “What your kids see you do as they grow up is what you’ll likely see them do when they’ve grown up." Trust me when I tell you that the most influential education your children will ever get is what they see and hear in your home.

7 Keys to Building Strong Families: Key #2 Giving the Gift of Time

This second key to building strong families is the simplest but also one of the most difficult. Most children spell love with a T, an I, an M and an E. That's right. TIME is how most children spell love. Key #2 says: “Healthy parents don’t find time, they make time.”

7 Keys to Building Strong Families: Key #3 Power of Nourishing Love

Learn how to say “I Love You!” in more than one way. In Ephesians 5 the apostle Paul tells us that two key ways to love in relationship is to cherish and nourish. The challenge is to learn how to go beyond cherishing the one you love and discover how to nourish them.

7 Keys to Building Strong Families: Key #4 Cultivating an Encouraging Environment

An encouraging environment is one in which we spend more time building and encouraging our loved ones than we do scolding and correcting them. It’s one in which we honor them by speaking respectfully to them.

7 Keys to Building Strong Families: Key #5 The Gift of Healthy Anger

Whenever I ask for a word association to anger the responses are invariably 99% negative. Why is it that of all the emotions anger has such a bad reputation? Is all anger bad? Can this unwelcome and potentially destructive emotion be considered a gift rather than a time-bomb?

7 Keys to Building Strong Families: Key #6 Nurturing Quality Communication

Apart from nurturing a vital and growing relationship with Jesus Christ the most critical issue is the 6th key to building strong families: In a healthy home people have learned how to listen, ask questions and nurture quality communication.

7 Keys to Building Strong Families: Key #7a Conflict: Pathway to Intimacy

Most of us see conflict as an unwelcome interruption in our lives rather than a normal and necessary part of being in relationships. Unresolved conflict is one of the main problems that plague marriages and families.

7 Keys to Building Strong Families: Key #7b Conflict; Pathway to Intimacy

Most couples don't "do" conflict very well. None of us enjoy it. Most of us will do whatever we can to avoid it. Once we change how we see conflict it becomes easier for us to exchange our defensive and combative posture for a creative one.

A Dad’s Ultimate Parenting Toolbox: Part One

The bottom line is that God created men and women very differently with equally beneficial roles. The good news is men can develop others tools beyond providing for physical needs to be more successful at home.

A Dad’s Ultimate Parenting Toolbox: Part Two

Success in our relationships is not guaranteed if we take the exact skill set of a physical provider and apply it to emotional providing. Emotional providing requires unique skills like listening, connection, equality, harmony and tenderness.

A Different Kind Of Christmas Present

The different kind of Christmas present I’m talking about doesn’t cost any money, but it does come with a price. The price is choosing to give up other things to be available to your family. One hour a day, sixty minutes, can dramatically change your loved ones’ lives forever. What a special gift!

A New Year & New Opportunities

You have a fresh opportunity to make a decision that in this new year you are going to learn, to grow, to make a few changes in one of the most important areas of your life . . . your relationships.

A Small Act of Kindness

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or lifetime.

An "African Violet" Life

We all experience down times, times in which our glass feels half empty rather than half full. Certainly God has given us a full range of emotions, both positive and negative. One of the greatest things we can do to deal with our down times is to grow the African Violet part of our lives.

At the End, It's Relationships That Matter Most

If your loved-ones are like most people, it won't be what you did FOR them. It will be what you did WITH them. It won't be how much money you spent on them, it will be the memories of the gifts of your time that you gave to them.

Attributes Healthy versus Unhealthy Relationships

How can you know the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships? This table can help you identify what's going on.

Baby-Sitting Co-Op

The frustrations surrounding baby-sitting are endless. The true problem with this baby-sitting dilemma is that issues like the cost and availability can create a situation in which many couples are unable to find quality alone time to nurture their relationship.

Bruce Moose and the What-ifs

Bruce Moose can help you teach kids about anxiety and worry.

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