Most frequent questions and answers

The¬†Center for Healthy Relationships¬†offers Premarital & Marital Education at our seminars, workshops, and Small Groups. If you are in need of counseling please visit “NWA Community Resources” for listings of area resources.

We are not a counseling center, and there are some great counseling centers and resources here in NWA. Instead, we are an enrichment center. The difference is that our focus is on prevention and not crisis intervention and reparative work.

A good way to look at this difference is by taking an example from the medical field. In medicine, there is a difference between preventative medicine and curative medicine; the former being to prevent medical problems and the latter being a remedial way of curing a current problem. Compare this to our field where there are counselors, who are those that use a more curative medicine approach by taking remedial action to help those in crisis. On the other hand, we take more of a preventative approach by providing enrichment opportunities meant to provide couples with the knowledge and skills they need to have a healthy, satisfying, life-long marriage in hopes of avoiding divorce and marriages in crisis.

Many of our events have limited seating and often fill up, and we have to turn people away. If you are unable to attend, as a courtesy to our staff and other participants please contact us ASAP at 479.524.7105 so we can provide your spot to another couple.