Relationships Matter

Our Currently Funded Community Initiative


As go peoples ability to do relationships—understand and manage their emotions, communicate, listen, manage conflict, be empathetic, forgive—so goes the health of their friendships, marriages and families, their ability to get and keep jobs, to break the chains of poverty and to contribute to the greater community.

As go people’s ability to do relationships, so goes their future. The fact is that relationships matter.


From 2006 to 2015, with the help of two Federal Grants, the The Center for Healthy Relationships (CHR) was able to serve some of the neediest and most significantly under-served groups in our community, including those in lower-income and generational poverty, the unemployed, prisoners and those recently released from prison.

The good news is that CHR was recently awarded a matching grant of $157,500 over three years to help fund the CHR RelationshipsMatter Project. This will allow us to not only continue the successes of the past nine years but to build on those programs to increase our impact.


The CHR RelationshipsMatter Project is a group of research-based relationship education and enrichment programs that have been specifically designed to meet the unique relational and social needs of a variety of under-served population groups, help them develop their personal, interpersonal and professional skills, become healthier and more independent, strengthen their marriages and families, and become a vital part of their community.

Some of the CHR RelationshipsMatter programs include:

    • RelationshipSkills —a group educational workshop for single individuals and/or significant partners. This program will focus on communication and conflict management skills, expectations, and role adjustment (offered 6 times a year) that will increase their emotional and relational intelligence (ERI).
    • CoupleSkills for Healthy Relationships — a group educational/enrichment workshop designed to give couples the tools to navigate the many challenges of becoming self-sufficient and productive and/or to reenter society and/or reengage with a spouse or “significant other.” (offered 6 times a year).
    • ParentSkills for Healthy Families — a practical educational workshop for parents with children under age 18 that will focus on communication and conflict management skills, child development and parental expectations, and reestablishing relationships (offered 6 times a year).
    • RelationshipSkills for the Workplace —a marketplace and research-based educational workshop that focuses on specific relational skills proven to be essential to not just get and maintain a job, but make the kinds of contributions that lead to advancement.
    • Reconnect Marriage Mentoring — an 8-month relationship program for individual couples to meet once-a month with a CHR-trained mentor couple and to experience personalized training in developing the essential skills necessary to have healthy relationships, build healthy families and be successful in the marketplace.



The Blessing: CHR has received a “matching grant” of $157,000 over the next three years to help fund the CHR RelationshipsMatter Project and allow us to continue to serve the underserved in our community.

The Challenge: With a matching grant, CHR does not receive any matching funds from the foundation, until we receive donations for them to match . . . so without donations,

The Opportunity:

IF you want to help the thousands of under-served men, women and children in our community. . .

IF you want to invest in something that will continue to make a difference for years to come,

IF you’d like to have your donation DOUBLED . . .

THEN simply visit the “Pay It Forward” page and designate your donation to the RelationshipsMatter Project.

Thank you.