Humans are built for relationships. Our brains seem wired to seek out connection with other people, and few of us do well in isolation. But relationships are hard.

That’s why The Center for Healthy Relationships offers RelationshipSkills workshops. These programs, based on decades of research and experience, teach important skills and knowledge for navigating the relationships around you. The topics of the workshop are useful, whether you’re talking to your significant other, your children, or even your co-workers.

Our goal is to help you avoid some common relationship pitfalls that will get in the way of building lasting, safe and healthy relationships. Healthy relationships don’t just randomly happen; they take work and attention. And anyone can learn how to make them a reality.

At RelationshipSkillsyou’ll learn how to…

  • Talk about important topics without getting into an argument
  • Recognize how hidden issues can form the foundation of a fight
  • Avoid talking in ways that only make things worse
  • Keep your relationship strong and healthy
  • Recognize the importance of your relationship choices on your kids (if you have them)

RelationshipSkills isn’t therapy. It’s an opportunity to learn about communication skills and conflict management while having fun. So bring your friends! They’ll thank you for it.

To sign up for a RelationshipSkills workshop, visit our Event Registration page.