MarriageSkills Workshops

A series of workshops designed to strengthen and foster your relationship

Knowing how to make a relationship work isn’t something we’re born with. Like learning to keep an engine running, it takes skill and practice. The good news is that the skills aren’t hard, and anyone can learn them.

If you are married, engaged or seriously dating we welcome you to join us. Our MarriageSkills workshops will show you time-tested, research proven skills that can help you to get the relationship you want and to keep it healthy.

Workshops in this series include …

  • The Emotionally Healthy Marriage – understand the importance of your emotions in maintaining a healthy relationship, and how to identify and better understand what your spouse is feeling.
  • The Relationally Healthy Marriage – learn how to build commitment through good communication and healthy conflict management.

MarriageSkills isn’t therapy. It’s an opportunity to learn about communication skills and conflict management while having fun. So bring your friends! They’ll thank you for it.

To sign up for one of our MarriageSkills workshops, please visit our Event Registration page.