Most people who get married assume that, because they are so “deeply” in love and because it is so “real,” they won’t have the silly problems that so many other couples have and that theirs will be a wonderful lifelong marriage.  Unfortunately, that’s not usually how it works.  Every couple who gets married is in love, but way too many marriages end in divorce, and many of the marriages that do survive aren’t characterized by a deep, rich, growing and intimate love relationship.

Research tells us that while love is important, love isn’t enough.  Successful, satisfying and long-lasting marriages have certain things in common, certain skills that help couples successfully navigate the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the sorrows and the joys that every marriage experiences and that in the process can actually increase their trust and grow and deepen their love relationship.

In “Mad About Us” you’ll learn:

  • What love is and isn’t and what real love looks like.
  • Creative ways to deal with differences and increase trust.
  • Simple ways to improve your listening and communication skills.
  • New and effective conflict management skills.
  • Specific ways to move from anger to intimacy.
  • How to give and receive criticism.
  • Practical ways to create safe and healthy relationship.

This event is for married couples, from newlyweds on up. If you’re interested in attending yourself, visit our Event Registration page. To inquire about scheduling this workshop for your congregation or group, please Contact Us.

To sign up for a Mad About Us workshop, please visit our Event Registration page.