Pastors/Leaders Intensives

CHR's Healthy Leaders, Flourishing Ministries Retreats

THE CHR Emotionally Healthy Leadership Retreats are part of the ChurchStrong project of The Center for Healthy Relationships (CHR).  Since it’s beginning in 1998, a foundational part of the mission and ministry of CHR has been to serve the local church by, in part, encouraging, equipping, teaching, training and serving it’s leaders.

This is NOT a seminar or workshop.  There will be some minimal instruction but the bulk of the time will be invested in discussion, sharing and prayer.  Our focus will be on who we are as leaders and where we are in our lives and ministries (to the degree that participants feel comfortable sharing) and not on how our churches are doing, how much we are growing, how many we had at our most recent Vacation Bible School event etc.


“I was ‘spurred on’ to practice holy habits. I was encouraged to take my growth seriously, and yet wasn’t left with just a desire to do so, but a plan as well.”

-2019 Retreat Participant


It will be about people and not about programs.  Leaders with a calling and commitment to serving our Lord in a local church.  Leaders who are called and trained to help others grow.  Leaders who understand that we do that best when we ourselves are continuing to grow, deepen, mature in all of who God made us to be and become.

In fact, we’ll leave our vitas and resumes and success stories at the door and come to learn and listen and grow in what it means for us to be “image bearers.”  What might it look like at this stage of our individual lives and ministries to continue to “become conformed to the image of His Son” . . . emotionally, relationally and spiritually?

The Benefit of a Leadership Retreat


  • Discover your unique sacred pathways and develop your own “Rule of Life” or what we call our “Curriculum for Christ Likedness.”
  • Cultivate a growth plan and create healthy habits for increased maturity and abundance.

Experientially Revitalizing

  • Enjoy a safe place, but with opportunities to move outside your comfort zones.
  • Be renewed through times of deep reverence and moments of sanctified irreverence (laughter & play).

Heart Nourishing

  • Be refreshed by opportunities for contemplation, reflection and fruitful solitude.
  • Experience new ways of receiving and giving love from God, to God and to others.

Intellectually Stimulating, Insightful & Enlightening

  • Learn about and how to apply the practical discoveries of interpersonal neurobiology.
  • Increase your emotional & relational intelligence (ERI).

We know that, to a great degree, as goes the health of the pastor and pastoral staff , so goes the health of the congregation and the impact of it’s ministry in the community.

We also know that many pastoral staff are overworked, overextended and under-sourced.  They don’t have the greatest skills at setting boundaries and in order to be successful have become human “doings” more than human “beings.”  Many deal with depression, discouragement, despair and other painful emotions that no one knows about.

This isn’t therapy but it will be therapeutic.  This isn’t a class but you will learn a lot.

This isn’t a pep rally but you will leave emotionally, relationally and spiritually encouraged, renewed and refreshed.

The Details

Group Size:

Each retreat is limited to 8 participants.


Each event will involve two full days and three nights.  They will begin in the evening of day one and end mid-morning on day four.  To be accepted as a participant each person must agree to attend for the entire time . . . no coming in late and no leaving early.


For many of the events we will be using the facilities of Subiaco Abbey, a Benedictine community founded in 1878 and located in Central Arkansas.


Except for a $50 non-refundable deposit, CHR will cover the room, meals, most snacks, a lunch at Mt. Magazine State Park, transportation and one or two books.  At the present time every participant is receiving a copy of Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership by Ruth Haley Barton.

For More Information

To learn how you can sign up to participate in on of the CHR Emotionally Healthy Leadership Retreats, please contact CHR at 479-524-7105, or use our Contact Form.