What do Christian Leaders Have to Say About ChurchStrong?

“The Center for Healthy Relationships has developed a one-of-a-kind Church Relationships Assessment. The results of the CRA can identify strengths, potential growth areas, and assist you as you equip leaders and parishioners to increase their effectiveness in building a healthy church, both emotionally and relationally. If you’re a pastor you need a scorecard to help maximize your effort. With the help of the CRA you will have in your hands an invaluable ministry tool.”

H.B. London Jr., Former Vice President
Church and Clergy; Focus on the Family


“Having taught marriage and family-related courses on the graduate and post-graduate level for over 40 years I understand the need for and the value of the kinds of teaching and training offered by The Center for Healthy Relationships. Everything they do reflects a strong commitment to academic excellence, intellectual integrity and meaningful spirituality. It’s been a pleasure to be associated with CHR since its inception and  to have served on the CHR Advisory Board as they pioneer new ways to help people build healthier relationships.”

H. Norman Wright
University and Seminary Professor
Best-Selling Author


“For several years now it’s been my joy to observe the growing impact of The Center for Healthy Relationships. While this Center is located on the campus of John Brown University in Northwest Arkansas . . .  its impact is global.

“I’m especially encouraged by the unique services CHR offers churches, colleges and universities. My friend Dr. Gary J. Oliver and his staff have developed assessment tools that pastors and churches can use to identify strengths and potential areas for growth and offer resources for these churches to significantly increase their ministry effectiveness.

“In today’s world with unparalleled pressures on marriages and families and with the very institution of marriage being threatened, I’m pleased to be able to partner with Gary and the staff at CHR in their commitment to strengthen marriages and families across the country and around the world.”

Gary Smalley
President, Smalley Relationship Center
Speaker and best-selling author of “The DNA of Relationships”


“As co-director of the Department of Family Ministries for the General Conference in my denomination I’m constantly looking for tools and resources to better train and equip church leaders. As a former student of Dr. Oliver I can attest to his commitment to academic excellence and intellectual integrity that is reflected in the ministry of CHR. I especially applaud their commitment and creative approaches to helping local churches more effectively minister to marriages and families.”

Ron Flowers
Co-director for the Department of Family Ministries (retired)
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists


“There are few things in life more important or more valuable than healthy relationships. We also know that emotional and relational health doesn’t just happen. We all need help. Jan and I have experienced the difference wise counsel can make in fostering individual and relational growth. Whether it be in the personal or professional realm Gary Oliver and the staff at CHR are uniquely qualified to help increase your emotional intelligence and relational effectiveness.”

Dave & Jan Dravecky
Best-Selling Authors
Founders, Endurance Ministries


“God designed the local church to be a safe haven where people can find hope and health and healing. I applaud the commitment of Dr. Gary Oliver and the seasoned staff at The Center for Healthy Relationships to partner with local congregations to equip leaders and parishioners to increase their effectiveness in building relationally and emotionally healthy churches. CHR is a safe, church-smart and biblically sound group of highly trained men and women who understand the challenges and opportunities of ministry in the 21st century.”

Jim Tomberlin
Founder and Senior Strategist
MultiSite Solutions