Shy Child

Question Our 10-year-old daughter is painfully shy around others.  She’s quiet but still a lot of fun at home with us and her two younger brothers, but at church she’s […]

Parenting Teens & the Privacy Issue

Question We have an adolescent son and daughter, and at times it seems like we can’t ask them even a simple question without them protesting that “You don’t trust me.”  […]

Distrusting Your Spouse

Question My spouse did something very hurtful and I have lost trust in him. How do I allow myself to open up and trust him again? Answer The key here […]

Children’s Privacy

Question My 15-year-old daughter jealously guards her privacy and I want to respect that. At the same time, I feel the need to know what she is up to.  Is […]

Regaining Trust

Question My spouse does not trust me, how do I regain her trust? Answer One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “My spouse doesn’t trust me, how […]

Opening Hearts

Question My mate’s heart is closed towards me, what can I do to open it? Answer Although we do not have control over the state of someone’s heart—whether it’s opened […]

White Lies

Question My 5-year-old has started telling “white lies.”  How do I help him learn to tell the truth? Answer Somewhere between kindergarten and second grade most children go through a […]

From Crisis to Confidence

The year of 1996 began with great expectations in the Oliver home. On Thanksgiving my mom and dad had moved from their Southern California home of 36 years to Denver […]

Bonding with Step-Children

Question I’m a step-father to three kids. I thought once the newness of our marriage wore off that the kids would warm up to me, but it’s been rough. The […]

Being Open About Bullying

Question We have two children in middle-school and both have talked with us about their discomfort at the bulling they see almost every day.  We don’t think they are being […]