Crushing Expectations

Question Our 14-year-old son is obsessed with being the best and can be devastated by even small mistakes and setbacks which often lead him to quit.  We fear that if […]

Obese Spouse

Question When we married, my husband was a little heavy and I stressed to him at that time how important it was to me that he lose weight. Intercourse had […]

Acceptable Pornography?

Question My husband enjoys looking at pornography. His excuse is that I am the problem. He says I should know he loves me, and besides, he’s just looking, not touching. […]

How to Improve Self-Esteem

What is Self-Esteem? Most people’s feelings and thoughts about themselves fluctuate somewhat based on their daily experiences. The grade you get on an exam, how your friends treat you, ups […]

Self-Conscious Child

Question My 8-year old son says that he doesn’t like himself and is constantly putting himself down. Answer Ask God to help you appreciate the uniqueness of your son and […]

Helping Your Shy Child

Question Our 13-year-old son has been shy all of his life but as he gets older it seems to get worse.  Our 15-year-old son is highly outgoing and this seems […]

Self-Esteem in Marriage

Question I really like being noticed and receiving attention from other men. It makes me feel great about myself, as if I’m still attractive. My husband always tells me I’m […]