Absent Father

Question My husband and I both work full-time. But when he gets home, he immediately changes clothes and parks himself in front of the TV. Meanwhile, I start supper, help […]

Telling Lies

Question My husband “fibs.” It’s mostly over stupid little things such as leaving the cap off the milk. These little lies drive me crazy and I’m having trouble believing him […]

Distrusting Your Spouse

Question My spouse did something very hurtful and I have lost trust in him. How do I allow myself to open up and trust him again? Answer The key here […]

Fostering Responsibility in Teenagers

Responsibility. We all may have different reactions to that word. In terms of character qualities, responsibility is one of the most important things we can help our children develop. However, […]

Cultivating a Lifestyle of Faith

Question We have three teenage children and are looking for some specific ways we can help them go beyond knowing the core doctrines and the do’s and don’ts of our […]

Household Chores

Question I wish my husband would realize there’s more to cleaning than just picking up things. I feel bad complaining, and he gets mad easily when I try to communicate […]

Teaching How to be Responsible

Question We love our 10-year-old daughter but her irresponsibility is driving us crazy.  How can we teach her to be more responsible?  Answer The bad news is that you’ve already […]

Allowance and Chores

Question My wife and I have been having a disagreement about how deal with allowances and chores.  She believes that allowances should not be tied to chores and I think […]

Cleaning Rooms

Question My 9-year-old daughter is a great girl who’s a lot of fun to be around. Her only fault is keeping her room clean. She likes to look nice when […]