Finding Fulfillment in Life

Everyone longs to give themselves completely to someone. To have a deep soul relationship with another. To be loved thoroughly and exclusively. But to the Christian, God says: “Wait, not […]

Joy to the World

One reader asks: “I don’t like to admit this, but for the past several years I have dreaded the Christmas season. I know that Christmas is supposed to be a […]

Making Christmas Meaningful

One reader writes: “I always look forward to the Christmas season, but by the time it arrives I’m so exhausted I wish it was over. For many years I’ve told […]

Leaving a Legacy for Your Children

Question I grew up in a negative home where it seems like nothing I ever did was quite good enough.  Love was expressed in the form of criticism and it’s […]

Cultivating a Thankful Heart

One reader writes: “Every year Thanksgiving seems to come and go. I’m embarrassed to admit that the only thing about it that I look forward to is a few more […]

Giving the Gift of Love

Thanksgiving is behind us and you can’t drive very far without seeing Christmas lights and hearing the wonderful Christmas music. This is the time of year when we begin to […]

A Different Kind Of Christmas Present

The holidays are here once again. So, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents. Should I get her that one darling outfit this year? How about the latest toy […]

Radical Reconciliation

John Perkins’s remarkable life story began in rural, segregated Mississippi, where his father disappeared and his mother died shortly after his birth. Raised by tough, bootlegging relatives, he never finished […]