Crushing Expectations

Question Our 14-year-old son is obsessed with being the best and can be devastated by even small mistakes and setbacks which often lead him to quit.  We fear that if […]

Balancing Discipline

Question       This past year has brought massive disruptions in our lives.  With both of us working full-time jobs it’s limited our time with our kids.  When we do have […]

Bible Study with Teens

Question We have two early-teen and pre-teen daughters and whenever we try to initiate a bible study they show NO interest.  We want to help them discover the relevance of […]

Temper Tantrums Again

Question With all of the changes, interruptions and instability our son and daughter have experienced over the past several months, they’ve struggled a lot more with uncharacteristic outbursts of anger […]

Miscommunication with Teens

Question We have two teenage children.  While we have good relationships, we don’t communicate as well as we’d like.  In fact, much of our communication turns out to be miscommunication […]

Effective Parenting

Questions In the past year I have read several books on parenting. Each was written from a sound Biblical perspective with helpful suggestions on how to parent more effectively. I […]

Please… Don’t Call Me The Baby-Sitter!

Recently, something happened which caused me to realize how much I hate the word “baby-sitter.” It’s not that I despise the word in and of itself. Instead, I only have […]

How To Forgive Hurt

Question Our teenage son was rejected by several of his friends and his hurt has turned into a bitterness and hatred that concerns us.  We’ve encouraged him to forgive them […]

Consistency in Discipline

Question My husband and I haven’t done the greatest job in being consistent in how we discipline our 4-year-old son. Now that we have another child (22 months old), I […]