Crushing Expectations

Question Our 14-year-old son is obsessed with being the best and can be devastated by even small mistakes and setbacks which often lead him to quit.  We fear that if […]

Bible Study with Teens

Question We have two early-teen and pre-teen daughters and whenever we try to initiate a bible study they show NO interest.  We want to help them discover the relevance of […]

Temper Tantrums Again

Question With all of the changes, interruptions and instability our son and daughter have experienced over the past several months, they’ve struggled a lot more with uncharacteristic outbursts of anger […]

Effective Parenting

Questions In the past year I have read several books on parenting. Each was written from a sound Biblical perspective with helpful suggestions on how to parent more effectively. I […]

How To Forgive Hurt

Question Our teenage son was rejected by several of his friends and his hurt has turned into a bitterness and hatred that concerns us.  We’ve encouraged him to forgive them […]

Saying Sorry

Question Our 14-year-old daughter is a precious young lady with many strengths.  Unfortunately, she isn’t very good at taking responsibility for things she says and does that wound others.  It’s […]

Sensitive Daughters

Question I’m a stay-at-home mom with two daughters, ages 6 and 5, and they’re driving me crazy with their whining and crying. I want to be an attentive mother, but […]

How to Parent When Angry

Question As my kids have become teenagers our whole family has noticed that when one of the kids disobeys or mouths off I increasingly “lose it” and react with anger […]

Talking Finances with The Kids

Question Due to a job loss and other factors we’re faced with some significant financial challenges and we’re going to have to make some major changes in our standard of […]

Connection with Children

Question When I was a kid, I didn’t have a good relationship with my mother. She was a cold and distant disciplinarian, and I didn’t feel like I could talk […]