Marriage after Children

Question After spending years praying for a child, God gave us a wonderful little girl.  Unfortunately, our precious daughter has changed our marriage in some unexpected ways that have become […]

Loving Your Husband

Question How do I love my husband? Answer This is a great question and one that each one of us needs to ponder frequently regarding our spouse. We begin by […]

Home: The Safest Place on Earth

When couples talk as friends, they learn an enormous amount of information about each other. Think back to a time when you had an intimate conversation with your spouse. Perhaps […]

One Question That Can Save Your Marriage

You’re probably thinking, “How can one question save a marriage or relationship?” It’s difficult to believe that something so important could be so simple. You may be feeling angry, confused, […]

Leave and Cleave

Question My wife and I struggle over the topic of loyalty to each other verses our relationship with each other’s family. I don’t know what to do. She sees my […]

Live-in Father-in-law

Question My wife’s 92-year-old father moved in with us three years ago after his wife died. While it’s a blessing for my father-in-law and my wife, I’m struggling. My selfish […]

Opposing Interests

Question I’m newly married and have a lot of interests that don’t include my husband, but I always have to negotiate to get to do them. I know marriage means […]