I Feel Loved When You…

We all long to have a life-long marriage—certainly no one gets married thinking, “I can’t wait to spend the next two years with this person.” Not only do we desire […]

Meaning of Love

Love has so many meanings, yet we often only hear and speak of love within a romantic context. We see this “rose-colored” view of love all around us—littered throughout the […]

Expressive Wife

Question My wife is touchy-feely with several of my guy friends. She hugs them, holding hands with them briefly, touches their arms or legs. While I trust her completely–and the […]

The Greatest Among You!

“But greatest among you shall be your servant.” – Matthew 23:11 A few years ago, I discovered the tremendous value of serving my wife, Erin. While we were shopping, I […]

Ready for Kids?

Question My husband and I have been married for about four years, and for the past several months we’ve been going through a rough patch in our marriage. But lately […]