Marriage after Children

Question After spending years praying for a child, God gave us a wonderful little girl.  Unfortunately, our precious daughter has changed our marriage in some unexpected ways that have become […]

Loving Your Husband

Question How do I love my husband? Answer This is a great question and one that each one of us needs to ponder frequently regarding our spouse. We begin by […]

Disciplining Through Understanding

Question We have caught our 13-year-old daughter wearing clothing that is entirely inappropriate, especially for her age. When she leaves home, she looks fine so evidently she is changing after she […]

Parenting Teens & the Privacy Issue

Question We have an adolescent son and daughter, and at times it seems like we can’t ask them even a simple question without them protesting that “You don’t trust me.”  […]

Opposing Interests

Question I’m newly married and have a lot of interests that don’t include my husband, but I always have to negotiate to get to do them. I know marriage means […]

Teaching Children to Lose with Grace

Question Our child is a bad loser and will often throw a temper tantrum and throw things around his room.  How can we help him become a better sport? Answer […]

Staying Connected After Having Children

Question We were prepared for the birth of our first child but now, a year later, we realize that we weren’t prepared for all of the adjustments we would have […]

Teaching Responsibility

Question Our oldest daughter is 15 and it seems like it’s almost impossible for her to admit when she is wrong, apologize and ask for forgiveness.  What can we do?  […]

How to Parent After a Crisis

Question We live in a part of New Jersey that was hit by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.  Our kids have seen friends and family lose their homes, live in […]

Busy Spouse

Question My wife is in school—and when she isn’t in class, she’s either sleeping or doing her homework. I feel that she doesn’t make any time for me or our […]