Cultivating Children of Integrity

One time I fell asleep during a U.S. History course that had a unique class tradition. At the end of each class, the professor chose a student to pray. Realizing […]

“Swimmers” Test Porn

Question My husband and I are having difficulty getting pregnant. He had to go for a “swimmers” test today. They put him in a room with a TV, videos, and […]

Old Friends

Question Before we were married, my wife had a lot of guy friends. Now that we’re married, she wants to keep her friends and sees no problem going out for […]

Regaining Trust

Question My spouse does not trust me, how do I regain her trust? Answer One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “My spouse doesn’t trust me, how […]

Extramarital Interest

Question I recently returned from a two-week business trip, and since returning home, I haven’t been the same. While on the trip, I became friends with this man. We had […]

Chatty Husband

Question Whenever my husband talks to his family on the phone or in person, he tells them too many things. I have spoken to my husband about this and he […]

Teaching Responsibility

Question Our oldest daughter is 15 and it seems like it’s almost impossible for her to admit when she is wrong, apologize and ask for forgiveness.  What can we do?  […]


Question My husband and I have been married for six years. While I really love him and am still attracted to him, I’m also attracted to another man. I know […]

Not in Love

Question I’m married to the most loving, giving, and understanding man I’ve ever met. I love him dearly; however, I’m not in love with him. I don’t feel physical attraction […]

Emotional Affair

Question My male friend and I have both had marital problems for a while. We started to meet at lunch to be a source of Christian support for each other. […]