Unhelpful Husband

Question I’m a stay-at-home mother of three children (all under the age of 7). My husband works hard at his job, and I appreciate that; but he doesn’t help out […]

Household Chores

Question I wish my husband would realize there’s more to cleaning than just picking up things. I feel bad complaining, and he gets mad easily when I try to communicate […]

Unfinished Projects

Question My husband keeps starting projects on our home—then doesn’t finish them! Right now, it’s the kitchen. He tore it up—there’s no ceiling or flooring, no plumbing, tools are strewn […]

Parenting Spouse

Question Since we had a child three years ago, my wife has gone overboard on being a mother—to the point where she’s mothering me. She talks to me in the […]

Newborn Troubles

Question I know that the Bible says divorce is wrong, but what about a separation to get your spouse’s attention?  Ever since our daughter was born four years ago, my […]