Seasonal Depression

Question Every year during winter my wife becomes extremely emotional and depressed. The only reason I can figure is that she’s affected by the lack of sun and the dreary […]

Obese Spouse

Question When we married, my husband was a little heavy and I stressed to him at that time how important it was to me that he lose weight. Intercourse had […]

Poor Health

Question My husband was told recently he may have MS. The symptoms have really taken a toll on him… Lately, it seems as if all we do is argue. I […]

Healthy Spouse

Question My husband has had bad experiences with physicians and had cancer in the past. And now he won’t go in for check-ups. I’m afraid for his health. I’ve voiced […]

Weakened Faith

Question Three years ago my husband was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It’s a chronic condition that causes pain in muscles, joints, and nerves. This has struck down his faith and sent […]

Dealing with Depression in Children

Question For the past several months, our 9-year-old daughter has seemed more withdrawn and quiet than usual.  We’ve recently moved and we’re concerned that she might be experiencing some depression.  […]

How To Approach Teens About Drugs

Question Over the past several months we’ve noticed some behavior and personality changes in our 15-year-old son and are concerned that he may be using drugs.  How can we know […]

Dealing with Depression

Question I’ve struggled a lot with depression. To make matters worse, I think my husband is ashamed of me and doesn’t think I should seek help. He says I can […]