Power Struggles

Question My wife and I are constantly getting in power struggles. How can we get beyond this? Answer Can you name the devil’s greatest ploy to cause trouble in relationships? […]

Jobless Spouse

Question My husband is showing no initiative to find a job. I’m not sure how much longer I can take this. I love my husband with all my heart, and […]

5 Ways to Be an Effective Father

Question I grew up with a dad that was physically and emotionally absent. We have two young sons and I want to be the kind of father that will help […]


Question I often have dreams about being unfaithful to my husband. They usually involve a faceless “mystery man” who’s perfect in every way. He’s kind, loving, gentle, and attentive to […]

Separate Churches

Question My wife and I attend separate churches. She attends the church from her childhood where most of her friends and her sister and mother are members. While that church […]

Praying as a Family

Question We gather for a “family prayer time” every week but sometimes it seems like something we “do” rather than something that is having a meaningful impact.  Do you have […]

Shoving Spouse

Question My husband and I argue frequently. But lately, he’s begun to shove me. I’m having trouble drawing a line between what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Am I overreacting? Answer […]

Fostering an Attitude of Gratitude

Question Our son is a good young man but, like many of his friends, he tends to take his blessings and the kindness of others for granted and he rarely […]

Divorce and Parenting

Question My husband and I divorced a little more than a year ago. The kids live with me and visit their dad (and his new wife of three months) every […]

Live-in Sister-in-law

Question I’ve been married two years and during that entire time, my husband’s sister has lived with us. She moved in to finish her college degree and is now looking […]