Confronting Adultery

Question My husband had an affair with a friend of mine. My husband and I have reconciled. But why do I feel the need to confront this woman? I want […]

Opening Hearts

Question My mate’s heart is closed towards me, what can I do to open it? Answer Although we do not have control over the state of someone’s heart—whether it’s opened […]

Continuing Affair

Question My husband is having an affair with a co-worker. At first, he was going to leave and now he told me he wants to stay and that he loves […]

Forgiving Spouse

Question My husband and I were both sexually active before we were married. In fact, I have a child from a previous relationship. When we married and became Christians, we […]

Helping Your Teenager When Anger Hits Home

And fathers, do not provoke your children to anger… Perhaps your teenager feels like one of the monkeys at a local zoo. “That’s incredible, having a monkey and a lion […]

Daddy Threw My Popcorn Away

“Is it time for our special date?” begged Taylor early Saturday morning. Blinking hard, I tried to focus on who’d summoned me out of deep sleep. “What time is it?” […]

Differing Parenting Styles

Question My husband and I haven’t done the greatest job in being consistent in how we discipline our 4-year-old son. Now that we have another child (22 months old), I […]