Please… Don’t Call Me The Baby-Sitter!

Recently, something happened which caused me to realize how much I hate the word “baby-sitter.” It’s not that I despise the word in and of itself. Instead, I only have […]

Negative Attitudes

Question I often overhear my two daughters criticizing other people. I think they’re picking it up from other kids at school, but I want them to see the positive instead […]

The Ice Cream Lady

“When I grow up, I’m going to be an ice cream lady.” My four year-old daughter’s words caught me off guard. “You want to do what?” I inquired. “Daddy,” Taylor […]

Peek-A-Boo…I See You!

Several months ago, I had my youngest daughter, Maddy, sitting on my lap while we watched Barney for the sixty-seventh time in a row. Somehow, I had lost interest in […]

Developing Perseverance in Kids

Question Our eight-year-old son gets discouraged very easily gives up.  He won’t stay at a task long enough to learn how to do it.  Sometimes he won’t even try to […]

Encouraging Your Children

Question My spouse recently told me that I’m overly negative, critical and discouraging parent.  I know that it’s easier for me to criticize than to compliment.  How can I become […]

Overwhelmed Parenting

Question I am a single mother due to a marriage filled with domestic violence.  I am raising three children, ages 6, 5, and 3, on my own.  I am working […]

Adult Children

Question Nobody warned me how tough it would be to be a parent to young adults. My one concern is with my eldest. Right now he’s just working one part-time […]

Preparing Children for Success

Question It seems like every week we hear of some new “can’t fail” program to help our kids become smarter and better prepared to be successful.  In addition to laying […]