Crushing Expectations

Question Our 14-year-old son is obsessed with being the best and can be devastated by even small mistakes and setbacks which often lead him to quit.  We fear that if […]

Temper Tantrums Again

Question With all of the changes, interruptions and instability our son and daughter have experienced over the past several months, they’ve struggled a lot more with uncharacteristic outbursts of anger […]

Bruce Moose and the What-ifs

This is a motion video rendition of “Bruce Moose and the What-Ifs” by Gary J. Oliver & H. Norman Wright. This engaging book for children addresses issues of worry and […]

Seasonal Depression

Question Every year during winter my wife becomes extremely emotional and depressed. The only reason I can figure is that she’s affected by the lack of sun and the dreary […]


Question I often have dreams about being unfaithful to my husband. They usually involve a faceless “mystery man” who’s perfect in every way. He’s kind, loving, gentle, and attentive to […]

How To Forgive Hurt

Question Our teenage son was rejected by several of his friends and his hurt has turned into a bitterness and hatred that concerns us.  We’ve encouraged him to forgive them […]

How to Prepare Children for Moving

Question We’re preparing for a major move from the only home our three kids have known.  At 6, 8 and 11 they’re already experiencing a range of painful emotions.  We’ve […]

Managing Adolescent Withdrawal

Question Our teenage son has become more withdrawn and isolated in the past few months.  Is this normal?  Is it something to be concerned about?  How can we help? Answer […]

Shy Child

Question Our 10-year-old daughter is painfully shy around others.  She’s quiet but still a lot of fun at home with us and her two younger brothers, but at church she’s […]