Power Struggles

Question My wife and I are constantly getting in power struggles. How can we get beyond this? Answer Can you name the devil’s greatest ploy to cause trouble in relationships? […]

Church Division

Question Recently, my husband decided to leave our church because he said he doesn’t feel spiritually led there anymore. I see this as a division in our family because I […]

Separate Churches

Question My wife and I attend separate churches. She attends the church from her childhood where most of her friends and her sister and mother are members. While that church […]

How to Parent When Angry

Question As my kids have become teenagers our whole family has noticed that when one of the kids disobeys or mouths off I increasingly “lose it” and react with anger […]

Telling Lies

Question My husband “fibs.” It’s mostly over stupid little things such as leaving the cap off the milk. These little lies drive me crazy and I’m having trouble believing him […]

Disagreeing Spouses

Question My wife and I have problems agreeing on many things. We seem to hold on strongly to our parent’s view. What can we do to start agreeing? For example, even […]

Shoving Spouse

Question My husband and I argue frequently. But lately, he’s begun to shove me. I’m having trouble drawing a line between what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Am I overreacting? Answer […]

Shutting Down

Question My husband and I have been married for almost nine months. I must admit that marriage has been much more difficult than I’d expected. I knew we would have […]

Siblings and Anger

Question We have two young boys who are 19 months apart and they both struggle with anger.  We’re doing a better job at managing our anger but need some help […]

Annoying Spouse

Question My husband has extremely annoying social behavior that tends to turn people off. I have tried to start friendships with other couples that seem promising until they meet my […]