Church Division

Question Recently, my husband decided to leave our church because he said he doesn’t feel spiritually led there anymore. I see this as a division in our family because I […]

Separate Churches

Question My wife and I attend separate churches. She attends the church from her childhood where most of her friends and her sister and mother are members. While that church […]

Unequally Yolked Parenting

Question I am a Christian, but my husband is not. We don’t see eye to eye about parenting issues, which makes it difficult to be a team in raising our […]

Non-believer Spouse

Question My husband and I weren’t Christians when we married. But I’m a Christian now, and he isn’t. He doesn’t like that I believe in God. I’d love for my […]

Weakened Faith

Question Three years ago my husband was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It’s a chronic condition that causes pain in muscles, joints, and nerves. This has struck down his faith and sent […]

Devotional Time

Question We have tried and tried to have a devotional time as a couple and with our children. Nothing seems to work. What can we do to make this work? […]

Radical Reconciliation

John Perkins’s remarkable life story began in rural, segregated Mississippi, where his father disappeared and his mother died shortly after his birth. Raised by tough, bootlegging relatives, he never finished […]