Jobless Spouse

Question My husband is showing no initiative to find a job. I’m not sure how much longer I can take this. I love my husband with all my heart, and […]

Marriage after Children

Question After spending years praying for a child, God gave us a wonderful little girl.  Unfortunately, our precious daughter has changed our marriage in some unexpected ways that have become […]

Loving Your Husband

Question How do I love my husband? Answer This is a great question and one that each one of us needs to ponder frequently regarding our spouse. We begin by […]


Question I often have dreams about being unfaithful to my husband. They usually involve a faceless “mystery man” who’s perfect in every way. He’s kind, loving, gentle, and attentive to […]

Creating the Ideal Marital Environment

When I was fourteen years old, my dad and I went fishing in the mountains of Northern Arizona. On the first day of the trip, we decided to fish on […]

Men & Intimacy

A Colorado man drove out of a gas station near Washington, Pennsylvania, and continued on through West Virginia and part of Ohio without realizing that his wife – the mother […]

Home: The Safest Place on Earth

When couples talk as friends, they learn an enormous amount of information about each other. Think back to a time when you had an intimate conversation with your spouse. Perhaps […]

Obese Spouse

Question When we married, my husband was a little heavy and I stressed to him at that time how important it was to me that he lose weight. Intercourse had […]

Telling Lies

Question My husband “fibs.” It’s mostly over stupid little things such as leaving the cap off the milk. These little lies drive me crazy and I’m having trouble believing him […]