Temper Tantrums Again

Question With all of the changes, interruptions and instability our son and daughter have experienced over the past several months, they’ve struggled a lot more with uncharacteristic outbursts of anger […]

Seasonal Depression

Question Every year during winter my wife becomes extremely emotional and depressed. The only reason I can figure is that she’s affected by the lack of sun and the dreary […]

ERI: Emotional Self-Control

Emotional self-control is the ability to keep our potentially disruptive emotions in check and to replace unhealthy reactions with healthy responses. Having Emotional and Relational Intelligence (ERI) is more than […]

ERI: Accurate Self-Assessment

Accurate self-assessment is having an honest and unbiased perception of your own strengths and weaknesses.   This means being able to step back and evaluate who you are and what you’ve […]

ERI: Empathy

Empathy is the ability to sense and value other’s feelings and perspectives, and take an active interest in their concerns and in what’s important to them. Empathy is both the […]

ERI: Anger Management

Anger is one of the most powerful and controlling of all emotions.  It’s experienced much more frequently than people would like to admit. According to Dr. Henrie Weisinger, most people […]

ERI: Emotional Self-Awareness

Emotional self-awareness involves knowing what our emotions are and recognizing how our emotions affect our performance. Being aware of what we’re feeling is the first step in making sure we […]

True Friendship

True Friends All of us need friends. But what is a friend, and how do you know when you have found one? With a true friend you feel: Accepted Heard […]

How To Forgive Hurt

Question Our teenage son was rejected by several of his friends and his hurt has turned into a bitterness and hatred that concerns us.  We’ve encouraged him to forgive them […]

How to Prepare Children for Moving

Question We’re preparing for a major move from the only home our three kids have known.  At 6, 8 and 11 they’re already experiencing a range of painful emotions.  We’ve […]