Miscommunication with Teens

Question We have two teenage children.  While we have good relationships, we don’t communicate as well as we’d like.  In fact, much of our communication turns out to be miscommunication […]

ERI: Communication

Healthy communication is the one critical ingredient that defines a relationship. Communication is vital and essential because it is the link to every aspect of your connections with others. The […]

ERI: Listening

Listening is the process of taking in information someone else is saying. This can be more difficult than we expect. When people, often parents, ask whether or not someone is […]

Shutting Down

Question My husband and I have been married for almost nine months. I must admit that marriage has been much more difficult than I’d expected. I knew we would have […]

Annoying Spouse

Question My husband has extremely annoying social behavior that tends to turn people off. I have tried to start friendships with other couples that seem promising until they meet my […]

Household Chores

Question I wish my husband would realize there’s more to cleaning than just picking up things. I feel bad complaining, and he gets mad easily when I try to communicate […]

Loyalty to the Absent

Woman talking to a child

“Mommy,” young Billy asked his mother on the way to school, “where are all the idiots?” “What!” his mother said in disbelief, “Where on earth did you learn that?” Confused […]

Frequent Moves

Question My husband is wonderful, but unstable. We’ve moved 16 times during our 18 years of marriage. He says each move is to find a job with more opportunity. When […]

I Believe In You

Photo of Marathon Runners

“But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called ‘Today’.” Hebrews 3:13 “I’ve hit the wall!” that was my first thought when I felt an […]

Healthy Criticism

Question I often overhear my two daughters criticizing other people. I think they’re picking it up from other kids at school, but I want them to see the positive instead […]