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Scheduling and Availability

At The Center for Healthy Relationships, we know that you want a great college experience. In order to do that, you’ll have to navigate lots of new relationships with roommates, friends, classmates and even professors. This can leave you feeling uncertain and overwhelmed, and actually make it harder to connect with those around you.

We believe that that everyone can get connected and have a great college experience. We understand that connection is hard (even more so when we’re social distancing because of COVID-19). This is why, for over 20 years, we’ve been helping students like you build thriving connections.
Here’s how we do it.
  1. Make an appointment with one of our askCHR coaches.
  2. Have a solution focused conversation with the coach.
  3. Identify solutions that you can actually apply to your connections with others

askCHR is closed for the summer.
We’ll open for appointments again in the fall.
Ask CHR is not and does not replace ongoing, intensive therapy. If needed, your coach will refer you to Student Counseling or the Care Clinic for more intensive services.

Ask CHR is available during the normal academic year, with the exception of breaks and holidays