About the Center for Healthy Relationships

A relationship is like a pebble...

When it hits the water it creates a ripple that has an impact way beyond where it entered. Research tells us that the greatest source of joy in life is healthy relationships and that the greatest source of frustration and pain is unhealthy relationships. Like the little pebble dropped in the water, the quality of our relationships ripple across our lives, the lives of those around and even impact future generations.

CHR exists to educate, encourage and equip individuals, couples, families, churches, colleges and corporations to experience healthy relationships. Liferelationships.com is a collection of unique resources to encourage healthy relationships ranging from articles to questions and answers, to seminars and workshops, to books to links to other excellent relational web sites.

Regardless of where you are in your important relationships know that you can enjoy stronger, healthier, more vital, vibrant and effective relationships—and we're here to help.

The CHR vision is a world where everyone is equipped for a lifetime of healthy relationships.

The CHR mission is to provide individuals, couples, families and organizations with practical and innovative resources that encourage and empower the growth of healthy relationships in personal and professional settings

  • We believe in an infinite, personal, and relational God who is actively involved in our world and cares about our relationships
  • We believe the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.
  • We believe that everyone deserves and can learn to grow healthy, safe, and lasting relationships.
  • We believe that healthy marriages are the cornerstones of healthy families, strong churches, and vibrant communities.
  • We value diversity and working with organizations or groups that have a shared interest in promoting healthy relationships.
  • We pursue academic excellence and intellectual integrity in everything that we do.
  • We are committed to assessing the meaningful effects of our programs and resources.
  • We value the contribution of empirical research and ethical scholarship to better understand how to apply God’s truth in our relationships.
  • We believe in the integrity of the Bible and its applicability to our lives and relationships.

  • Provide innovative resources that promote healthy relationships by increasing Emotional and Relational Intelligence (ERI), teaching healthy communication and conflict management skills, and encouraging the development of a growth-focused mindset.
  • Provide informational and training events designed to instill Christ-centered principles of healthy relationships, with an emphasis on marriage relationships, not only in the JBU and CCCU communities, but also locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Provide programs and resources for premarital, marital, and workplace relationship programs and educational opportunities across the life-cycle and socio-economic spectrum, in ways that strengthen churches, schools, community agencies, and corporations.
  • Consult with pastors, church, and parachurch leaders to assess (Church Relationship Assessment) and increase the effectiveness of existing marriage ministries and programs, to develop new courses and/or programs, and to equip leaders to facilitate the implementation of those programs.
  • Continue our work with institutions of higher education to help leaders assess (Student Relationship Assessment) the degree to which their efforts are making a measurable difference in the emotional, relational and spiritual lives of their students.
  • Expand our ongoing efforts to increase the awareness of the personal and corporate value of healthy marriages and relationships, and help Northwest Arkansas become a place that is known for healthy marriages and families.