Congratulations!  By choosing to invest some time in becoming a part of the Growing Marriage experience you are making a significant investment in the most important relationship of your life.


Taking the Couple Checkup was a great first step in helping you build a stronger relationship and laying a solid foundation for your marriage. The next big step will be walking through this discussion guide with your mentor couple. In this guide and in these sessions, your Couple Checkup will be brought to life and will be communicated in ways to practically impact and change your everyday ways of relating with each other. This guide contains a wealth of goals, information, activities, and insights that go far beyond the direct results of the Couple Checkup. Space is also provided at various places throughout the guide for notes you may want to take in the sessions.


What is the “Growing a Healthy Marriage” program?


The goal The Center for Healthy Relationships is to help men and women who choose to marry to obtain the knowledge and skills that will increase their ability to build and sustain healthy, satisfying and lifelong marriages. Simply stated, the goal is to `change the marriages of NWA. The Couple Checkup, this discussion guide, and the enrichment experiences you will be participating in are all a part of helping you reach that goal for your marriage. The fact that you have this material in your hands right now already shows that you care about your marriage and are committed to cultivating a strong, healthy and vibrant marriage and a love that will grow throughout the rest of your lives.


Where did the content come from?


Much of the material in this discussion guide was developed in part from material provided by and is used with the permission of Dr. David Olson, Life Innovations (The Couple Checkup is based on the PREPARE/ENRICH program) and previously published and copyrighted material by Dr. Gary J. Oliver. The “Growing a Healthy Marriage” enrichment experience takes all the benefits of PREPARE/ENRICH, the Couple Checkup, and several additional resources and presents them in this discussion guide and in your sessions in a way that will most benefit you as a couple. Thank you for taking the time as a couple to participate in this enrichment experience. We know that it will strengthen, encourage, energize, and grow your marriage.



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